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Frequently Asked Questions

– What are your prices?

The freshly made macarons are $2.50 each

– Is there a minimum order?

Yes.  Minimum of 10 macarons per order

– Are there discounts on large orders?

Non-Profit and charity discounts available

– What colors can you do?

Use your imagination - almost limitless

– What flavors do you offer?

Large variety.  Can do custom flavors as well

– What type of designs can you do?

Traditional round cookies, but ask if there is a special request.

– Where is your portfolio of past work?

This website and some social media

– What type of packaging do you offer?

Gift boxes of 5 and 10 count and simple white packaging for larger orders

– When will my order be completed?

This depends on exactly what is ordered.  Contact for details.

– What about delivery fees?

Free to Daytonians.  Limited fees outside of downtown area.

– Where are you willing to deliver to?

Open to delivery - just ask to discuss

– When will you deliver?

Coordinate day, time and location that is convenient for both.

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